Dynamics NAV 2016 After installation problems

Well, I had thought that everything was ok but I found my first problem.

Microsoft its going to say “normal clients don’t use that setup configuration” but its normal in my world (and my laptop).

When I open my NAV2016 works ok, everything, but…. I need to open a NAV2015 DB, so, I had to change the db in the NAV instance and…..


I think, ups, I clicked the wrong shortcut so I did it again, sloooow this time and the same result, so I had checked the shortcut properties and the address was “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\80\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.msc” but when I check the msc version I got this info.


So I had to modify my CustomSettings.config file manually to get my db online and work

I think is a registry thing but I can´t find the key

Well, got the first error