Dynamics NAV requirements

Well, Microsoft always give the hardware requirements for the systems they sol, but everybody knows that those specs are to low, maybe they need to put in those documents “to crawl” instead “to run”.

In my experience, talking about 3 tier setup with up to 30 users, you will need for SQL server at least 64 GB RAM, I’m taking in to account snapshots, maintenance, reindexing, update statistics. the NAV server (running 2 instances, LAN/domain instance and remote with certificates instance) needs at least 32 GB of RAM and finally, the client needs at least 4 GB of RAM if you just use word, excel and outlook besides NAV client (Preferably 8).

For 2 tier setup (one server running SQL and NAV with the client running in the cliente computer) you need at least 64 GB of RAM for 30 users.

Remember , Dynamics NAV needs a lots of RAM, you can use 2.2 processors (preferably 2 procs per server) with 2 cores minimum.

The best HDD is SSD, if its to expensive, you can use SATA disks but always in RAID 10 (never use RAID 5, its very slow), you need 4 disks minimum.

Another important thing is the bandwidth, for 30 users maybe 10 Mbps for the NAV server and between NAV and SQL servers a 100 Mbps or 1 GB direct connection.

You can always enhance your NAV experience adding more memory and using less flowfields ;-).


Dynamics NAV 2016 After installation problems

Well, I had thought that everything was ok but I found my first problem.

Microsoft its going to say “normal clients don’t use that setup configuration” but its normal in my world (and my laptop).

When I open my NAV2016 works ok, everything, but…. I need to open a NAV2015 DB, so, I had to change the db in the NAV instance and…..


I think, ups, I clicked the wrong shortcut so I did it again, sloooow this time and the same result, so I had checked the shortcut properties and the address was “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\80\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.msc” but when I check the msc version I got this info.


So I had to modify my CustomSettings.config file manually to get my db online and work

I think is a registry thing but I can´t find the key

Well, got the first error

Dynamics NAV 2016 Setup

Ok, I recognize it, I can´t wait another day.

I’ve just installed Dynamics NAV 2016

Here are my screenshots (NA version in Spanish Mexico).



As usual I chose customized installation




Change my ports to support multiple NAV instances and versions







Just checking if everything its ok




Check my new menus


And new functions




BTW,  the small webpage is the new Phone Client

The url for the phone client is (in my computer, remember  I’ve changed the port) you just need phone.aspx instead tablet,aspx